About Vitamina 3D


Hi there! My name’s Álvaro. I’m an aerospace engineer and I’m behind this project. When I found about 3D printing, it hooked me very quickly. I wanted to mix my experience in CAD design and my ideas with this powerful technology.

Here is when Vitamina 3D Studio was born. I’ve been designing and materializing my ideas, solving problems and also sharing my designs and knowledge. This is what this project is about after all.

So, if you’re another 3D printing geek like me or you’re keen on this topic, you might find something interesting for you in this place.

Do not hesitate and take a look. Also, you can also get in touch and share your ideas. Welcome to Vitamina 3D!

Our philosophy


Create things and solve problems with creativity and in a practical way, making our brand a synonym of efficiency and originality.


FDM allows us to make, so we buy less. Besides, it is a process with almost zero wastes and uses biodegradable or 100% recyclable materials.


We love to share not just ideas, but also some of our 3D models so anybody with a 3D printer at home can print and use them.

How do we work

Nowadays, we count on only one 3D printer: an Ender 3 from Creality. This means that we can work with 3 different types of filament: PLA, PETG and flexible. 

The 3D models are either retrieved from repositories or designed in our computers thanks to a CAD program. Right now we are using Onshape, which works online, but we are also experts in others.

We also like to experiment with the post-processing, so we have learnt several techniques that are giving quite good results. We sand, we glue, we paint and many other things to enhance the prints.

The results of our works can be seen in more detail in our social networks. We encourage all of you to take a look and share opinions.

3D Design

We use a CAD program to create our own designs and solutions for different issues in a practical way.


Experience is a valuable asset. We are always looking for new resources and techniques to improve our work.

3D Print

We optimize the printing parameters and use good materials to ensure high standards in all of our prints.


We are always in touch with you to share ideas and meet your requests! Go to the Contact section now.

Take a look to our things!

Everything printed with love

If you have an idea or you need something for a very specific application and you think it can be printed, tell us! We can design a customized solution for you.

If you are looking for gifts or useful accessories we might have some for you. Just take a look to our inventory.

All we print is thought to carry out its function correctly, so we choose the best material for each application. We also apply post-processing techniques wherever is needed to improve the appearance or its performance.