Legal notice

In compliance with the Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico (Law 34/2002 for Services of the Information Society and eCommerce), from now on LSSI-CE, the controller and responsible for the website identifies himself:

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions determine the use and access to all the pages of the domain, including the offered content and services. Every one who explores the website is grated with the condition of “User” and accepts the current provisions and conditions in, gathered in the following pages:

If the user does not accept each one of the terms and conditions of these pages, he/she must abandon our website.

On the other hand, the user can find here all the information regarding the legal terms that will govern the relationship between the user and the controller of The user should get familiarised with these terms before continue the navigation.

Legal framework

The controller of this website assumes the processing of the information given by the users and customers of ensuring compliance with the Spanish and European requirements that govern the collection and usage of personal data. Therefore, this website complies with:

  • Law 3/2018, December 5th, for Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Warranty – Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personalesy Garantía de los Derechos Digitales (LOPDGDD) .
  • General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR).
  • Law 34/2002 for Services of the Information Society and eCommerce – Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico(LSSI-CE).

Personal data processing

Read our Privacy policy.

Disclaimer of warranty and responsibility

The controller will not be responsible for the damages caused by either of the following reasons:

  • Lack of availability, maintenance or effective functioning of the website, its services or its content. Periodical maintenance activities must be carried out.
  • Virus, warms or any kind of malware that can affect the content.
  • The illicit, negligent, inappropriate or dishonest usage of this site and its content, or somehow not complying with this legal notice and/or the law.
  • Lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness or availability of the services given by third parties which may be offered in this site.
  • Lack of truthfulness, integrity, accuracy or updating of the data and information in our web pages.

Right of exclusion

The controller has the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict any type of information or content in his website, without the obligation to warn the users in advance.

Moreover, the controller has the right to deny or restrict the access to this website and all the offered services, either on his own initiative or a third-party’s, to any user that breaches any of the terms of this legal notice. The controller is not obliged to warn in advance.

External links

Our site may have some links to another websites, property of third-parties. The goal of including these links is to offer the users the opportunity to visit those websites. The controller is not responsible for the results of following those links and visit other domains.

Furthermore, the user may find in those external sites, pages, promotions, or membership programs that could get access to the user’s navigation habits in order to create profiles. The information provided by the user in these external sites are governed by their policy privacy, not ours

If a user intends to set any device or technical mean to link his/her website to our site, he/she must get the controller’s written authorization in advance. This fact would not mean neither the establishment of any kind of partnership between that user and the controller of this site nor the controller’s acceptance or approval of the external site’s content or services.

Users obligations

The user is informed that the access to this site does not mean the beginning of any kind of relationship with Vitamin 3D Studio and its controller. In this way, the user is committed to the usage of this website, its services and its content in a lawful and a good faith way, within the public order limits.

The use of this website for illicit or detrimental purposes are strictly forbidden, as well as for any other goals that may cause some sort of damage or prevent the website itself from its correct functioning.

Regarding our website content, it is prohibited:

  • To reproduce, distribute and/or modify it, totally or partially, unless the legitimate owner allows it.
  • Any violation of the owner’s rights.
  • To use it for commercial or advertising purposes.

While using our website, the user commits not to carry out any behaviour that could damage the perception, the interests and/or the rights of the controller of this site or any other third party. The user must also avoid activities that could damage, disable and/or overload this website, or in general, any behaviour that could prevent the website from its normal functioning.

About underage users

According to the EU GDPR, the user must be at least 16 years old to access our website content and/or services. In some countries of the EU, this limit can be less, but never below 13 years old. Otherwise, a permit signed by his/her father, mother or legal guardian is required in order to use our site, and he/she has to accept our terms on behalf of the minor.

If the user lives in a country out of the EU, he/she must have reached the legal age in his/her country in order to use this website.

Security measures

The personal data transferred by the user can be stored in automatised databases or not, whose owner is the controller of this site, who will assume all the technical, management and security measures in order to ensure confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information within these databases in compliance with the data protection regulations.

The communication between users and the controller is carried out through a safe channel and the transferred data are encrypted by means of https protocols to ensure the best security conditions and keep privacy.

Nevertheless, the user must be aware about the limits of the safety measures regarding the internet systems, as they could not be entirely reliable, so it cannot be assured the lack of virus or other elements that may produce alterations in the user’s informatics systems (software and hardware) or the content of his/her electronic files.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

In compliance with the Spanish Law for Intellectual Property, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, distribute and public communication of part or the whole content of this website, with commercial purposes, by any mean or in any form, without the authorisation of the website controller. The user must respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property of the controller.

The user knows and accepts that the whole site, including the text, software, content and it structure, podcast, photographies, audiovisual material and graphs, is protected by a registered brand, author rights and other legitimate rights, according to the international treaties in which Spain is included, as well as to other property rights and Spanish laws.

In case a user or third party considers there has been a violation of their intellectual property rights due to some content in our website, he/she must inform about this eventuality, indicating:

  • User personal data, whose rights where allegedly infringed, or indicating his/her representatives, if it is the case
  • The protected content and its location in our website, the certification of the intellectual property rights that have been pointed out, and an express declaration in which this user declares himself/herself responsible for the veracity of the information provided in this notification.

Anti-spam policy

The controller is against all kind of unwanted or unrequested commercial communications, as well as against any other kind of behaviour or manifestation known as spam. His efforts will be also focused on the fight against these practises.

Thus, the controller ensures that the users collected personal data in our website will not be neither transferred, nor shared, nor sold to any third party.

Moreover, the user can get in touch with us via email ( or by means of the contact form in the website section “Contact”, in order to inform about abnormalities.

Comments policy

In our website, it is allowed to make comments in order to improve the content or just for consultation. Comments that have anything to do with the subject of this site, or those that include some sort of defamation, grievance, insult, personal attack or general disrespect to the author or other members, are strictly forbidden.

The same criteria is applied for comments that include misleading or fake information, as well as for those that contain personal information, such as address, phone numbers, or others that infringe our Privacy policy.

In the same way, comments created with promotional purposes by any website, person or group that are considered spam, will be also dismissed.

Anonymous comments will not be allowed, as well as those made by the same person under two or more different nicknames. Comments intended to force a debate or oblige another user to take a stance will be dismissed too.

The controller has the right to erase all those comments that infringe the laws and/or this legal notice, those that may affect his own interests or third party interests, and those that, in his opinion, may be inappropriate. He can also ban the users with this kind of behaviours.

In addition, the controller will not be responsible for the users opinions left on the comments system, social networks or other participation tools, according to the regulations.


The user can make a claim by sending an email to, indicating name, surname, the service/product purchased and the reasons of the complaint.

Conflicts resolution platform

According to the EU regulation 524/2013, the user can also use the Dispute Resolution platform enabled by the European Union that can be visited on the link.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

This legal notice is submitted to Spanish and European current laws, as well as both parts, user and controller:

  • Law 3/2018, December 5th, for Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Warranty – Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personalesy Garantía de los Derechos Digitales (LOPDGDD) .
  • General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR).
  • Law 34/2002 for Services of the Information Society and eCommerce – Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico(LSSI-CE).

In case of legal dispute, both the user and the controller will be submitted to the Courts of Lugo (Spain), renouncing to any other jurisdiction, no matter of the country of residence of the user.


If the user has concerns or doubts about our legal conditions or any comment regarding our website, please refer to the Contact section.

From all the team, thank you for your time to read this page.