Welcome to Vitamina 3D

Hello everyone! We have finally built our own website about 3D printing, vitamina3d.com, after we started our Instagram profile in the summer of 2020 with a very friendly hosting and, why not say it, kind of a modest success. Here, we are going to explain what is new in our lab and give you a warm welcome to Vitamina 3D.

New things

Now, we went several steps further. We have been working for two months in this website as much as our schedule allowed us. In addition, we have started new profiles in different social networks so we can reach more people and show them our work. These ones are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as our original profile on Instagram.

Moreover, you can also check out our profiles in different repositories, such as Thingiverse, Cults, MyMiniFactory and Pinshape where we will upload 3D models designed by ourselves so they can be printed by anybody who has a 3D printer. With this, we really want to make a difference and contribute to the accessibility of the additive manufacturing.

On the other hand, coming back to our website, we are preparing a shop. However, for now it only will work as a catalogue to show our creations as we are not able neither to sell anything or process all the requests that might be. The shop will remain like this until further notice, but we are working hard to enable it as soon as possible.

Another aspect of our site we also want to talk about, is our blog. Another new line in our little 3D printing lab is to gather information from our own experience and share it with all of you. We will write about interesting topics that we might find around the internet as well. In any case, we want to create valuable content so all the makers can find here a place of reference.

Get in touch

Finally, we just want to invite you to do a couple of things. First, to visit our website and our profiles in the different social networks and repositories. If you are in love with additive manufacturing like us, we are sure you will enjoy our content. And second, you can always contact us about any matter that has to do with 3D printing. You can do it either from our website in the Contact area or in our social networks profiles.

We are looking forward starting this new stage with all makers. Welcome to Vitamina 3D!