We print in 3D

Everithing we can offer you regarding customized 3D printing is here. Take a look and, if you see something interesting, tell us as soon as possible!

Customized prints

One of the best advantages of 3D printing is that one can customize everything.

We offer a wide range of gifts, accesories and objects that can be customized with logos, drawings or even your name or that from someone special to you.

Customize your:


Lithophanes are just photos in 3D. Pictures are displayed on a sheet with relief. The light goes through the sheet in different degrees of intensity, depending on the thickness of each area, so eventually the picture is reproduced.

This technique was born in the XIX century, when the artists sculpted wax and created this effect to decorate lamps.

Nowadays, we can do it thanks to 3D printing. We can print a plastic sheet with the necessary relief and get the lithophane with an incredible resolution.

With this, we are able to materialize our most precious memories in a very original way. Isn’t it amazing?

We print it for you

We know that many people don’t have a 3D printer at home. We are also aware of all the advantages of the aditive manufacturing after many mistakes, but also many successful works. That’s how we’ve learn to print, and we do it quite well.

So, if you have a 3D model and you need to print it, we can do it for you. Just bear these 3 points in mind:


We can work with PLA, PETG and flexible materials. It’s important that you consider them for the application. We can advice you too.

3D models

Wecan print your model. Maybe you need us to design something. No problem! We can do that for you too. Ask about it.


The maximum size of our printers are 220x220x250mm. Make sure that your model fits within these limits or can be printed in pieces.

Do you need to print something?