3D design

It’s a fact. Many things must be replaced because they are broken or they are about to break.

The use of these parts for many time, misuse or bad materials are some of the multiple factors that have an influence in the service life of every item.

Luckily, 3D printing is already here to make things easier when something needs replacement. Combining engineering and CAD programs, we can create functional parts and replace the original ones in a fully customizable way.

If you have something that must be replaced and you think we can design it, just tell us and we will answer if it’s possible. SPOILER: 99,99% sure it will!

Do you need a 3D model?

How do we do it?

Measure & draft

We think about a solution, make our measurements and create the drawings of the part.

Computer Design

We use a CAD tool, which is a program that allows us to build the 3D model of the part.


Once it is designed and printed, there is only one thing left: install the part.

Real cases

One of te most challenging designs was this small part from an old mincer machine.

This part links the rotation axis of the machine with its blades. A gear fits in the inner area to achieve the full connection.

This design was particularly difficult due to the complex shapes and the reduced size, making harder to make measurements.

A very useful print was this light switch cover. The original was broken probably due to some kind of strike against it.

In this case, the design was quite easy and didn’t involve a huge amount of material either.

The best part is that we store the model, so if any other cover breaks we can easily print a new one and replace it.

This cap is used to cover the chlorine compartment of a pool. This one was requested to us after the original cap was striken by a lawnmower.

We measured all the necessary distances and built a 3D design with all the nerves and features of the original part.

The process took many time and material since it has a huge diametre, but the results are amazing.